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The world of telephony has made great strides in recent decades, thanks to an increasingly functional communication technology. Snap Phone is a company that offers telephony services, and particularly the rental of satellite phones in Rome.
Not surprisingly, the company's clients include large financial groups, and companies in the private and public sector operating abroad, including major national and international press organisations engaged in the production of reports in areas that are difficult to reach with ordinary telephones, including:
• Iraq
• Kuwait
• Qatar
• Jordan.


Advantages of satellite telephony

There is no doubt that the satellite phone has, in recent decades, made a significant contribution to the organisation of work and interventions in all those parts of the planet once considered difficult to communicate with by telephone.
Over the years, Snap Phone has gained a high level of expertise and complete mastery of the field, which today allows us to interact with our customers and find the ideal solution for every situation, for the sale and rental of satellite phones.

Iridium pilot

Solutions for information professionals.

Different needsthe needs of those working in journalism for example, differ from those working in the field of diplomacyand different scenarios require different tools and usage options. After the sale or rental of a satellite phone, Snap Phone ensures a complete service, organised at all stages, from phone charging, to the supply of prepaid satellite phone cards.

We also provide customers with the best smartphone models available in the market.


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We provide bespoke tariffs for satellite communications rental

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Cost of renting Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Globalstar satellite devices

A - NEW IRIDIUM SATELLITE PHONES!! Iridium GO 9575 Extreme - 9555 - 9505A Daily € 20.00
B - THURAYA SATPHONES Dual mode: satellite / GSM + GPS Weekend € 30.00
C - INMARSAT GSPS Isatphone Pro - Isatphone 2 Weekly € 100.00
D - GLOBALSTAR GSP 1700 SATPHONES Fortnightly € 190.00
accessories, battery charger, and car adapter included Monthly € 300.00


For the first rental, we require a deposit of € 1,000.00 per SATELLITE unit, payable by credit card, check or cash. This deposit will be returned together with the invoice for telephone traffic, approximately 30/60/90 days from delivery of the equipment. From the second hire onwards, you are exempt from paying the security deposit when requesting the rental, to be transmitted by fax in good time.

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