Prepaid cards for satellite phones

Commicate freely at low rates

The use of pre-paid satellite cardslet you optimise and plan the use of the satellite phone, which is a big advantage for all those public or private companies that manage many overseas operators with satellite phones.


Satellite communications around the world thanks to Snap

Satellite phone cards represent further progress in this vital area, which has now become an essential factor for international media engaged in correspondence from countries and places where ordinary telephone network coverage is not guaranteed. It is also popular with diplomatic organisations, NGOs, and other businesses active abroad, who can organise themselves more efficiently and secure their work thanks to this service.


Snap Phone is a Rome-based company that offers a complete satellite telephony service, providing our customers with the opportunity to rent satellite phones , buy and receive prepaid satellite cards, perform recharging procedures, and much more.


We are at your disposal for further information

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Contact us on phone +39 06 82004437 or by clicking on this link. We are at your disposal to provide more detailed information on satellite telephony, introduce our packages for hiring of international phone cards, and smartphones and mobile satellite systems.

Satellite phones for emergency situations

Many communication and information professionals make use of prepaid satellite cards at:

• The front lines of international wars

• Diplomatic activities abroad

• Companies with international sites

• Reportage from uninhabited, or remote, places


Thanks to Snap Phone, you can trust our expert and efficient team for anything involving international telephone services for your workers abroad. Furthermore, Snap Phone provides the option to use mobile phones, and to get local GSM SIM cards, for managing events in foreign countries.

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