Hire an international Sim card and call with peace of mind

Compatible with any GSM phone

Snap Phone rents VOICE and DATA solutions for businesses for short and long periods.

Our international GSM sim cards package provides local communication abroad with the help of 100 international operators in over 40 countries worldwide.

Packages differentiated by international operators makes Snap Phone a national leader in international mobile rental solutions, and saves up to 70% on calls. Incoming calls are free, and prices low. Request a cost estimate.

Furthermore, through the rental of mobile Wi-Fi routers combined with local / international data SIM cards, Snap Phone allows users to connect to the web on the move.

The rented mobile Wi-Fi routers from Snap Phone allow you to share the same Internet connection with up to 10 users.

Companies around the world have the need to keep their employees connected to each other. Snap Phone therefore rents mobile Wi-Fi packages for local / international data.

international sim cards
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