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Snap Phone

Founded in 2002 as 'Rent-A-Phone', we are a brokerage company managed and operated by personnel with many years' experience and expertise in the field of mobile and satellite telephony.

Our wealth of technological know-how is an ideal background for a company that has committed itself to developing new applications for the telecommunications market, with its constantly, rapidly changing exchange of data and information in real time.

We rent cellphones, satellite voice and data systems, and SIM cards, to domestic and foreign operators, with "turnkey" smartphones and tablets that come with 24/7 customer care support, help-desk, and billing.

We also rent "local" SIM (foreign / local operator SIM cards) for GSM/3G/4G voice and data.

Our equipment and our SIM cards are always up-to-date, without any bureaucratic processing. They come with the phone number already activated.

Azienda Certificata EN ISO 9001:2015

Campo di applicazione

TUV Austria

Vendita e noleggio di apparati elettronici, telefonici e di trasmissione e telecomunicazioni in genere. Intermediazione di servizi di telecomunicazione e trasmissione dati. Assistenza e manutenzione informatica nel settore IT per apparati di telecomunicazione in genere.

Satellite technology

In anticipation of the needs of end users, the intended use, and the type of use, we provide different communication systems for both GSM and satellite communications.

We offer daily, weekend, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly hire, as well as for longer durations.
Our target audience is made up of media, defence, Italian and foreign governments, ecclesiastical bodies, fishing, the maritime industry, and the hotel and tourism sectors.

Our mission is to help guarantee safety, crisis and emergency management, and other information in real time.

With regard to satellite technology, an increasingly innovative field of telecommunications, we have the INMARSAT BGAN satellite to transmit advanced data at both high speed and quality, using x-stream technology, and videolive for video communications and live remote television.

We sell satellite comms equipment to transmit voice that can communicate from anywhere, under any conditions. It is light, durable, compact, shock-proof, dust and water-resistant, and has an integrated GPS and SOS emergency button.

We provide small satellite modems for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot network to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Through fixed or remote units, we allow anyone to use their smartphone like a satellite phone, by providing the Internet in every corner of the planet. This obviously requires an active data subscription with an internet service provider, and a satellite card.

We market and rent hotspots like the IRIDIUM GO, which can ensure connection of up to five different devices, and make calls with VOIP applications with a single satellite subscription. This comprises a small shock- and splash-resistant box that is fitted with a battery that can keep the unit running in on trips away from mains power.

We are waiting to offer the market new mobile satellite systems that can provide speeds comparable to ADSL.

Our future plans involve investments in young electronics-informatics engineering graduates, with mastery of a foreign language, in order to accompany us on the path to technological innovation.

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